Breeze, the little girl who lived in a tree.

Once upon a time in a one of a kind faraway place,
centered in a lush hallowed forest land called Ezeril,
high up in the pinecone ladened forest trees,
there lived a beautiful amiable little girl,
who was righteously named Breeze.
With ocean blue eyes, and golden flowered hair,
she was without a trouble or even a care,
this was what made her so thoughtful and pure,
til one day when the weather made her oh so insecure.

For several years now, nature it would give,
a nice forest palace for the little girl to live.
In a house she made from dreams,
her little happy life would seem forever.
But unexpectedly, bad fortune sometimes deems,
although, Mother Nature so kind she did seem.
"Wind, rain and snow," the little girl beamed,
not a problem for me oh, you can see!
My house far below on the ground it could be!
But, up here it is safer I have found, living high in a tree.
Where else for me to be, can't you see?

For me to live in my house so far above,
it is pretty and filled with love.
I'm protected from critters and beasts that roam below,
I'm safe and sound, danger has no trace,
see my happy face?
I'm very content living in my little tree home,
where no scarey troublemakers may go.
A simple house, though stylish with very few props.
I'm high to the sky!
I love my simple life high up among the tree tops!"

On one eery looking bad weathery kind of day,
the sky, it turned a many shades of gray.
As the billowy clouds rolled in, a great wind it blew,
a frightening howling bellow of a big blow.
Now Breeze's tiny tree house,
so admired from the look above,
shook so hard the little girl felt a great big shove.
The house was shaking every which and every way,
back and fourth and in a quiver!

The thought of losing her home made the little girl's bones shiver!
Little girl Breeze nervously let out a cry,
"Oh dear, oh please! Oh my, oh why...
Weather wind please, stop your blow,
if my house falls down below from high in the sky,
my life, in my head it will flash,
and then I will know, right then right there.
Oh no, it can not be!
If I fall from my tree,
what a scare, oh it's just not fair!
My little bones will snap and break,
and my little girl life, will surely be at stake!"

So the wind, after listening to the little girl's plea,
thought for a while and he said,
"Little girl, your life is so simple and so sweet,
but without any reason, no certainty, no dread.
You forget, it is the time of season,
to storm and rain that is my reason.
I do what I may, I'll blow my wind into your house,
even though to you, I may seem like a great big louse!
It may seem a bit low this I know,
but I will blow my billowy blow,
till your house is all torn and tatter,
but before I do, please tell me why you,
Breeze, think that your little girl life is such a matter?"

The little girl with the wind, again, she did plea...
"My life has just begun, I am fruitful, I am young,
look around me, show some care,
this is my home I can go nowhere,
leave me alone now, let me be!

I need more time,
I have much more to live,
isn't a little girl's life worth yet,
so much to give?"

Now the wind thought for another while,
and the little girl's tribulations were surely on trial.
All of a sudden he blew a harmonious sigh,
"You, little girl, are the meaning of life,
filled with love, there should be no strife.
Seeing such fright in your eyes,
I know now, I see why,
I must leave you be, back I blow...
way up high, far far away, up in the sky!"

As the wind blew away into the now grayless sky,
his observation was now un-confound,
and just one last thought he'd abound...
"Life is precious,
for you it shall be,
a time to grow, a time to be.
Enjoy your life, high up in the tree,
After all Breeze,
your little girl life... it is meant to be."


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