G R E E N . . .

(open b/w with man pacing room, leaves apartment and walks out into busy gloomy city, the buildings are slanting down toward the man in the street)

The city's light is so dim...its closing in on me--
My life's filled to the brim with blasphemey...
What's the solution; some open space, a breeze, some grass and lots of trees...
to change my face, break out and say please?

My mind is such a scurry, that it's overloaded with worry.
I ponder and feel at peace, amongst all the grass and the trees
with their green leaves and strong bark...
I hope things won't seem so dark
while I'm here in the park.

My life is scattered, so full of disarray...
I got a bad haircut yesterday,
then my damn cat "Sunny" he ran away.
My life's such a huge, tangled mess,
My girlfriend even caught me tryin' on her dress!

No worse was my startle than her catch,
I had on the highheels and wig to match!
I feel like I'm losing it, I'm just about through,
I lost my job and my rent's past due,
is this some funky weird voo-doo?

Could anything else be worse than this?
Something so gray as this,
I think I'd rather miss,
I'm always in a big empty room that's filled with dark,
searching, fumbling for the light switch.

God, get me to the park, It's just gotta be bright.
(man enters park, b/w turns green man is still gray, sky is blue, city in background is gray)
Here I am, I'm finally at the park!
The wind is bending the green and the bark,
I'd never believe that I'd go off on such a lark.

I waft the smell of the cool breeze stench,
While I gaze up to the trees,
sitting here on the bench.
Here, I feel comfort, I'm surrounded by the trees,
They grace me with their shade, I'm feeling at ease.

Overhead I stare, a flock of black birds fly,
so beautiful up there is the deep blue sky,
it makes me cry.
In my life, oh so hard, how I do try.

Maybe if I were a magnificent tree,
Oh, then, how happy I would be,
with all my brownish bark standing there in the park,
My glow so lavishly radiant with green,
I'd be quite the sight to be seen.

Yet the worry in me just doesn't seem to subside,
In my heart I let out a huge sigh,
I wave my branches in the air so high,
In the wind my leaves, they would fly,
I'd feel eternal with years and years before I'd die.

But would I, could I, stand forever in just one place,
for hundreds or millions of days and eves,
to tower above just shaking my leaves,
waving them teasingly in your face?
This really would be no solution to my case.

Maybe being a tree is not the way to be,
I'm the only one who can set myself free.
My life's not as dark or obscene as it may seem,
The park and all its green has given me reason,
Change is all it takes to make the season.

I know who I am and what I've got,
I think that I am no less but a lot...
Now, there's so much more to me that I can see,
much, much more than just a big ol' tree...
I need to face reality and just be ME!!!!

(close with green tree dissolving into fall tree dropping leaves into the wind. Man looks up at tree and smiles and walks off)

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