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Palmer is a mixed media painter. He has his MFA in Imaging Arts and Film/Video/Animation from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is an award winning Computer Animator, a Fine Artist and an established Illustrator and Art Director. He has displayed and sold his work, entered festivals and art shows locally and in New York City, Connecticut, Maine, Florida and California. His work hangs in many private collections in the USA.

He is a Professor in Art and a Computer Programmer Analyst/Web Designer at Binghamton University. He has been a board member of the ART Mission and Theater for 6 years, and was chairman 2003 - 2006. He had a studio and gallery in 2003 -2005 in the old Stephen's Square space in Binghamton, NY and was a great influence and forerunner of the success of Binghamton’s First Friday Artwalk. His themed shows he created supported other artists as well as his own, and would draw an average of 500 - 1000 people. He currently shares the Box Factory Gallery, down the street from his old location with 3 other artists and continues to show work monthly.

Steven’s mediums of choice are encaustics (an ancient Greco-Roman technique of painting with wax, resin and pigment), mixed media and acrylics. His work has been highlighted in several newspapers and published in art publications. He is currently working on an extensive series of work which has a unique mosaic style using mixed media and encaustics. His major artist influences are Emile Gruppe, Picasso, Chuck Close, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol.

Palmer is proud of his heritage... his grandfather on his mother's side (Wilhelmina Marie Knop Palmer), Victor Knop is second cousin to Emille Gruppe, and the lineage continues. There are over 5 major artists on Palmer's family tree: Victor Knop, Emile Gruppe, (also this link for Emile) Charles Gruppe, (and this link) Karl Gruppe, Virginia Gruppe and Charles C. Gruppe and Robert Gruppe. Palmer continues this great heritage by creating work with select pallettes, utilizing color theory and unique medium choices such as encaustics and eclectic medias. SEE:

Charles Paul Gruppe (father of Emile) Canadian-born American Tonalist Painter (American Master), 1860-1940 was born in Picton, Canada, September 3, 1860. A landscape and marine painter, and largely self-taught, Gruppe studied in Holland and a good portion of his work consists of Holland inspired scenes. He should not be confused with his son, artist Emile Gruppe, who painted many well-known New England scenes.

NOTE: While in Holland, his skill at subtle coloration and careful draftsmanship became so identified with the Dutch School of painting that he was elected to the exclusive Pulchre Studio in the Hague, something highly unique for an American. His work hangs there to this day. READ ON

Emile Albert Gruppe (1896-1978) was an American painter born in Rochester, New York. Reared in a Dutch village, son of late Dutch painter Charles P. Gruppe; one of 8 artists in America listed in the World Book of Encyclopedia section on Art; also listed in "Who's Who in American Art";
Notable awards include Richard Mitton Gold Medal and First Prize from Jordan Marsh Company in 1943; Also "Best Landscape" from North Shore Arts Association in 1953, Council of American Artist Award, Allied Artists, Gordon Grant Memorial Prize and Rein Strisik Prize from Rockport Art Association. His works are in many public and private collections including the White House (and Oakhill Country Club in Rochester); died at 81. (from his obit) Was son of Charles Gruppe first cousin of Marie Knop, 2nd cousin to Victor Knop. His daughter Emilie has a studio of Charles and Emile's works in Vermont.

He was the teacher of other famous artists including oil painter Otis Cook of Rockport, Massachusettes


Karl Heinrich Gruppe

Robert Charles Gruppe

Carl Rudoph Theuerkauff: "Prominent member for over 30 years and Vice-President of Rochester Art Club; came from Germany at age 9; one of four Rochester artists selected for membersip in the Salmagundi Club, national art club with headquarters in NYC; taught at Mechanics Institute (Which is now Rochester Institute of Technology); One of a group of men who placed points of scenic beauty in the Genesee country on canvas; died at 51 from a heart attack " (from his obit) Was brother to Marie Knop, mother of Victor, referred to as "Uncle Ruddie".

more to come.... including obituaries and photos.